Our Seasonal Rates

Our Price  change depending on demand, time and day of the week, and season.

High-End Rates:

Generally speaking, our highest rates fall during the main wedding season on Saturday nights.

  • May through October (main wedding season)
  • Saturday evenings

During the main season, Friday and Sunday night weddings gets your everything at comparatively less price.

Mid-Range Rates:

You can book at smartly reduced rates during:

  • April and November (“in-between” months transitioning from busy season to slow season)
  • Friday and Sunday evenings

Lowest Rates:

Trying to trim the budget? Take advantage of our lowest rates during the off season & afternoon weddings! We love a winter wedding!

  • December through March
  • Weekday Wedding during any season (Our Thursday weddings are most popular due to the fact the Fridays are bit relaxed compared to Monday & the greater discount)
  • Afternoon Weddings during any season with everything you need at much discounted rates!

The Seville Bride & Groom

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