You also cannot beat the deal they give you

What a great and fantastic event they threw for my wife and I. To the lighting, the food, the acoustics, and everything was just perfect! We had our ceremony in the same room as our reception and it worked out fantastic. You also cannot beat the deal they give you. We only went to one place to get a price quote and could not turn The Seville down. They gave us open bar, Hors d’oeuvre, Soup, Salad, full course meal, sorbet, and our cake all included in the package. They even included late night pizzas and a photo booth! Maria was wonderful. Everybody was great and everything was fantastic. One last thing that is awesome is we booked the room for about 145 guests but we only had about 130 show up. While we were still charged for the guests we did not lose any perks they gave us. Also we got to take home all of the frozen unused chicken breasts in addition to leftovers in to-go boxes! I have not stopped hearing about how great the food was and how much fun everyone had. A really great feeling when you put in so much planning and hard work into it! Thank you again Seville for everything!