Have you thought about your first dance?

It’s a big moment… the first official dance as Bride and Groom! Are you ready? Selecting your song is important, and with that – having a few dance moves is nice too. ┬áMany couples are signing up for dance lessons to impress their guests for the big day. The Seville has an impressive size dance floor, so why not take advantage for that once in a lifetime experience?

Finding a good dance instructor is important. You want someone who has experience with bridal couples. Make sure the timing fits it your schedule, and allow at least a couple of months in lessons to be prepared.

Several local colleges offer lessons, usually in the evenings. Be sure to ask for private lessons if it’s possible because group lessons may take longer than the one on one attention that you should receive.

You also want to talk to your dance instructor about putting together a specific routine for song. A routine is easier to memorize, rather than trying to think off the cuff on the dance floor on your wedding night.

Looking for the perfect place with a big dance floor in the Chicago area to host your wedding reception?

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